Data Sources
A data source is defined as any source (for example, internal or external database) for information that supplies the Policy Decision Point with the relevant data in real-time according to the policy rules that you have defined.
You should define your data sources before configuring your PDPs, if possible.
In, you can easily define integrations with a variety of sources that are involved in evaluating an authorization request. These include
  • Organizational databases
  • Management applications that handle your organization's information
On the control plane menu, you can access a list of all existing data sources by selecting the data source option. As you click on an existing data source, the main display window will show the description and type on the right, as well as current settings or relevant data. Depending on the type of data source, customized information will be displayed below the description/type area.
Our Support Teams are available to assist you in defining your authorization management needs and requirements in Contact us at [email protected]
Currently, supports the following:
  • PostgreSQL
  • Elasticsearch
  • DynamoDB
  • MySQL
Internal JSON files offers the ability to create your own internal data source file and then build the JSON file according to your needs within the control plane.
Each data source within a project must be given a unique name.
Data sources screen
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