Getting Started
The control plane offers a user-friendly authorization management interface to the platform that dramatically simplifies the process of building and managing your organization's authorization policies. significantly reduces development time and allows organizations to create authorization policies without writing a single line of code. Once created, you can access decision logs that enable you to evaluate and fine-tune your authorization policies, even perform test your policy in a variety of ways prior to enabling a policy change.

Basic Tasks

The workflow is based on a few basic steps including:


After you log into the platform, you will need to configure some basic elements in the interface, including:
In certain scenarios, upon logging in, a user might automatically enter directly into the control plane of a specific project and not have an option to create. select or move between projects.

Policy Management

At any time, you may decide to add additional policies or change existing ones. Finally, enables you to log authorization decisions, centrally collect them and then view / forward them.
In addition, using the Monitored status option for a policy item, you can analyze the impact that a policy item would have on the authorization decision, without actually activating it.
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