Before you begin this tutorial, sign up for build.security for free. This guide will help you set up your first policy, publish it and test it.

Step 1 - Build Your First Policy

A Policy defines your authorization requirements for allowing or denying users access resources. You can build, modify or view the project's authorization policies at any point.

Create your first policy by clicking the + icon in the left menu.

Quick Start Guide in Home screen

Select My First Policy to start with a few best practice rules that you can try out.

Step 2 - Publish your policy to the cloud

Now that your first policy is ready, you can publish it to a public PDP (Policy Decision Point) server on the cloud.

Publish your policy by clicking the PUBLISH button on the upper right in the top bar.

Step 3 - Test your policy

Now, you can send authorization queries to your cloud PDP. We've prepared some examples for you to try out.

After publishing your policy, few cURL examples will appear on the screen. Copy any of the cURL examples and run it in your command line.

Step 4 - Watch Decision Logs

Congrats on finishing the publishing process! To see your policy in action, go to the Decision Logs screen to see your first logs.

Click on Decision Logs in the left menu. Expand the entities for more information.