Using Single Sign On

Users can log in with their email address alone, when configured as a single sign on user. Below are details for signing in. For information on how to configure the system to use single sign on, see Single Sign On.

To log in using Single Sign On:

  1. Below the social provider links, select Log in with SSO. The SSO login page appears.

  2. Enter your email address.

  3. Click LOGIN to confirm your credentials. The page will re-direct for authentication and then you will enter the platform.

If your organization does not require SSO login and you still select this option, an error message will appear on the login page. Return to the log in page to login correctly or contact your system admin for further assistance.

SSO login

Possible Errors

If you are an SSO user and are unable to log in, contact your administrator to reset your password or contact [email protected].‌

More details on User Management can be found In System Settings.