Using Social Provider Authentication

You can log into the control plane using either your Google account or your Microsoft account credentials.

Login with social provider credentials

To log in using your Google Account:

  1. Click the Google button on the login page.

  2. A list of your current Google accounts will appear. You can either select one of these or click Use another account to select an account that currently does not appear as an option.

  3. Depending on your Google configuration, you may be asked to verify your selection (for example, you may be sent a verification code to your registered phone number or email). After you enter the required code, click Next.

To log in using your Microsoft account:

  1. Click the Microsoft button on the login page.

  2. If your computer is already logged in with to your Microsoft account, the control plane will open immediately. Otherwise, you will be asked to enter your Microsoft credentials.

The control plane will appear. For more information on how to proceed, see Getting Started.