Creating a Project
A project can be considered your workspace, the place where you will create, manage, and evaluate your authorization policy. Within a project, you can manage the project's data sources, policy decision points, policies and rules. You can also manage the project settings.
To create a new project:
    On the project selection screen, scroll below existing projects to locate the blank project box.
    Click in the box and in the Project name field, enter the name of the new project.
    In the Project description field, enter a short description (optional).
    Click Create. A confirmation message will appear, confirming that the project was successfully created.
Every project must have a unique name. If you attempt to create a new project with the same name as an existing one, an error message will appear, and the project will not be created.
Once you have created the project itself, you can begin to configure the project by defining the following:
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