Function Description

build.query_raw is one of built-in function to query Data Sources as part of the policy evaluation process.


The datasource is available and created within control plane and you passed all relevant environment variables during the PDP initialization.

Function format

build.query_raw(data_source, query_string, parameters) Parameters:

  • data_source: identifier of the data source - use the Datasource name within your project.

  • query string: string. The SQL/PartiQL query string is applicable for the specific data source.

  • query params: Array of objects. Optional parameters for the command.

user := build.query_raw(data.datasources["my_datasource"],
"SELECT * FROM users WHERE userId = ?", [input.userId])

Function Usage Example

In the following section you will be able to find useful examples around how to use build.query_raw built-in function according to the database you want to query :

  1. DynamoDB

  2. MySQL