Functions Description

There are 3 cache related functions to be used as part of policy evaluation. These function can be used to store and fetch data from an in-memory FIFO cache within the PDP. Commonly used to minimize external calls to data sources.

Functions format

  • cache.insert(key, value, ttl)

  • cache.get(key)

  • cache.delete(key)


  • key - a string representing the key for the cache entry. Inserting multiple cache entries with the same key will result in overriding previous inserts.

  • value - JSON object to be stored in cache

  • ttl - Time To Live represented as seconds.

Function Usage Example

cache.insert("key", "value", 60)
# After 30 seconds
cache.get("key") # will return "value"
# After 61 seconds
cache.get("key") # will return false

Supported PDP version

This built-in function supported from version V0.2.0 and above