Testing Your Policy


Authorization policies are invaluable as they represent the security that defines the organization's business approach to managing its resources. In, you can consider the policies built in the platform as one of the best ways to protect your resources and enforce your authorization policies.
To ensure the accuracy and stability of these policies, the platform offers multiple ways to test the policy and approve that the delicate process of policy authoring is done well.

Policy Evaluation Playground

The most useful and intuitive way is using the policy evaluation playground which allows the policy admin to validate the changes he does right away aside of the policy rules whenever it's still in Draft mode or while it is activated on the Policy decision point.
Your evaluation request will be done on the PDP you will select, in dry run mode, by that - you can test in the most efficient way that your policy works as you expect.
For more information and instructions on how to use the feature - click here and if you are already familiar with that you can review our quickstart on evaluation playground usage.

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